Keith is Back

I’m backkkkkkk! Over the summer I decided to take a mental vacation, and that’s exactly what I did. The last 6 months or so was pretty much filled with a gyopo bachelor experience in Korea. Lots of clubbing, lots of drinking, videos games at home (MW3 FTW!) and of course my sad attempts at dating. But it’s all out of my system now. It took long enough, but I’m over my break up, and ready to kill it on the web. So check out what’s in store from the former king of Korean podcasts (so easy to say because it was just me and my crew!).

New Website –

Wait… did i mention this before? like last year or something? Forget what I said ok? Just trust me this time!

I’ve lived in Korea for a total of nearly 4 years. And during that time, I’ve of course accumulated a lot of knowledge of how to get by in Korea. And although this knowledge comes to me easily, it might not be so obvious to the new comers or even the visitors to Korea. Here are few posts that I’ve already prepared for this upcoming site:

  • Where to go to see all the Kpop Idols in Korea
  • Where to go to get the Best Exchange Rates
  • Must Have Smartphone Apps for Korea
  • 4 Things to Get on the Cheap in Korea
  • The Most Famous Restaurants in MyeongDong
  • Accommodations for less than $50 a night

Bottom line is, I think people can use some help adjusting to Korea, or coming for a visit to Korea.

The site is not up yet as I am preparing content and getting a few developers and designers to help me out. I am aiming for a March launch. Hope ya’ll support it!

This Blog

For this blog (, I hope to share some personal anecdotes that revolve around my life as a a Korean-American bachelor & struggling entrepreneur,  living in Korea. I hope my tales of woe will inspire you all to be just like me! And I do plan on updating this much more often.

Don’t forget to holler atcha boi, down in the comments section!

Double espresso and a pack of cigarettes

I started this year coming out of a long term relationship. 3-years, engaged, and failure was a bit much for me. I was also working a ridiculous schedule of 9:30 to 10. I normally have a tough time waking up in the morning, so having a schedule like that made it even tougher. Broken hearted and exhausted from work, I had decided to make some life altering changes. All the usuals.. Eat right, start my projects, get in shape, save money, blah blah blah.

But come May, my schedule had changed. I had made minimal progress on my new life and attitude. I was having so much fun going out, meeting people and just being a clown. I was trying to be responsible for so long that as soon as I didn’t have any responsibilities, I started feeling good about myself and self-development took a back seat to just chilling.

It’s true that I’m not getting any younger. I feel pressure to get things going before I become one of those 30 year olds living in my moms basement just fucking around. But I hadn’t had rest in so long that i decided that I’m taking a mental vacation for the next few months. I’m not going to worry about saving money, getting cancer from smoking, furthering my prospects. THIS is development. Chillin, worry free. When else can I call a time-out on life? never. And I’m taking the opportunity when I can.

Lunch time is social time here at my office. People ask each other to lunch to build rapport, make friends and hang. With my new found attitude, I’ve been taking my breaks at a cafe for an hour just smoking my cigarettes with a double espresso, trouble and worry free, without pressure or stress, without thoughts. It’s really fanastic.

Korea’s a great place for life-time-outs 🙂 highly recommended!


Texting Game in Korea

I’ve been single for the past few months and going with some meet and greets with the ladies of the ROK. It’s hard to meet good quality women when working full-time, but I’ve been outting myself out there making some effort.

But here’s where it gets tricky. Once I get a number, I’ve got to build a relationship with a lady via text. I’m not much of a texter, and I’d rather just meet up for date number 2 asap rather than spend some “getting-to-know-you” time via short messages. And it’s even tougher when the girls don’t give you anything to work with. Here’s an example convo:

Me: hey whats up
Girl: nothing
Me: i had fun last night, we should do it again
Girl: yup
Me: you looked tired though.
Girl: yea
Me: do you work alot?
Girl: kind of

repeat frustration for days. listen, I don’t have the most game in the world. I know. but come’on now! work with me here! I never had this problem in other places.

The game here is different. And I don’t think I’ll ever understand it!

Plans for a New Website

Korea’s my home now. I’ve got an apartment, job, friends. This is life for me here and now. But it wasn’t always so peachy. Living in a foreign country is tough and I had to learn how to navigate my way through the language and the culture. Yes, I am a Korean-American, familiar with both, but once I moved here, I realize that I am still in a foreign country. It took years, but I’ve got enough knowledge to not only survive but also prosper. So now’s a good time to start sharing that knowledge.

I’ve been talking about starting a website for the past year and a half. I’ve told numerous people about it, but haven’t started a single thing. Now the time’s right; things are starting to clear up for me.

I bought podcasting gear, website stuff is no problem, and now I just need a camera and some time.

Sorry I’m being so vague. The internet is a scary place to give out sensitive info. But if u know me in person, I’ll talk it up a storm. I’ve got it all figured out. I just need the Lawd to give me stremph!!!

Sex on the Beach, Boracay Style

Boracay was extremely beautiful and relaxing. It was an excellent getaway which was much needed in my life. I had a great time doing nothing. I specifically set out to just chill out and relax. I didn’t want to go scuba diving or ATVing. I just wanted to sit on the beach, get a few massages, have a few drinks, have some time to think, read and write a bit, eat some good food. And I did all of that. I was able to get away from the stresses that I had in Korea. I was able to connect with myself (I sound like a 43 year old single mom), and just watch the sunrise and sunset. It was amazing, and I would definitely do it again.

The only reason I came back so tired was because of the 12 hour layover, arriving at 5AM, then going to work the same day — my fault on the lack of planning. But something that stressed me out was the over bearing sex being propositioned everywhere. Some people are all about that, and that’s fine, but that’s not for me. Maybe it was because I was a man vacationing alone, but I got solicited for all different kinds of sex services! Trannys, pimps, gay men, masseuses, couples. You name it, I was offered. BTW, has anyone noticed how bold some gay people can be? You can be talking about the economic hazards vs the employment benefits of having tourism on an island… and then out of complete left field, they’ll look you straight in the eye with  the eye of the tiger and ask “What if I kiss you?” I mean really??? That’s your move??? Where’s the tact, the prototypical well spoken, well mannered men of homosexuality? Who knows, maybe economic jargon is a turn on for some..

With that said, I think all that stuff was unique to my experience (I have an uncanny ability to attract men and half men). If you’re not traveling alone, you won’t be bothered much from the women/men/other of the night. There were tons of families and couples having a great time, and I think anyone else looking to go would have a great time too. If you’re looking for the extra curricular stuff, head over to Manila. Boracay’s definitely beach first.