The Philippines on a Whim

Along with my long work hours, I’ve been going through some relationship problems recently. So the past month or so I have been ultra stressed. So I decided to take a vacation on a whim.

Started searching for semi affordable places in Asia and somehow I got to the Phillipeans, which is a country I cannot spell for the life of me. I mean… what is it… 4 L’s? 6 P’s? We all get a free pass on the spelling right? And I was just considering going to Manila for the heck of it. So I just bought a ticket for 5 days / 4 nights leaving in less than 48 hours for less than $1000. Not bad I guess.

But then I started searching for things to do after I got there. Now I’m not one of those resort snobs, but I’ve been stressed. I’ve been through a lot the past month, and I thought it would be nice to have  some relaxing beaches, maybe a spa, something nice to look at… but right after I bought the ticket and started getting excited, I found out that in Manila, apparently it’s just some cathedrals, casinos, crimes and hookers. Sounds like  some more stress. Serves me right for buying a ticket without checking it out.

So I’m in the middle of trying to cancel my ticket / hotel reservation right now so I can go to Boracay, where I’m sure they got what I’m looking for. I just need to chill out for a few days, be by myself, write a little, read a little, and just BE a little. Sometimes we all get too busy living, we forget being (am I being profound or a plagiarist?).

At this point, I’m pot committed. I’m going to Boracay, whatever the cost. This is going to cost me an entire month’s salary, but whatever!! I’m going to buy my sanity back!! And if not, I’ll just go to Manila and get some hookers with the money I steal at the casino on the sabbath 🙂

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  1. I’m from the Philippines Keith. I envy you. I want to go back home. I’ve been away for 2 years now.

    Stressed eh? Yeah, you should visit Boracay. I heard that it’s a beautiful place. Haven’t been there though. It’s pretty far from Manila. Been stranded to Quezon City all my life (apart from the 2 years I’ve lived here in San Diego).

    You can also try Palawan, Davao, Cebu, Bohol, Camiguin, etc.

    And don’t worry, I, too, had trouble spelling Philippines before. LOL.

    • Hey Sarah, I just came back, and it was beautiful! Sand was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper soft, beach really shallow, water warm. I didn’t go out much, I didn’t do any activities, all I did was hang out by the beach everyday and I loved it.

      I did meet some people from Cebu who said it was a better place to visit than Manila. Maybe I’ll go there next 🙂 If anything for the mangos lol

  2. Chris de Vera says:

    I’m from Manila and i gotta admit that Manila’s pretty boring. I get bored in this place. There’s really not much to visit here and Manila isn’t really a pretty site to be honest with poverty being so hard to NOT see here. Pretty much what everyone does when they go out here in Manila is go to a mall. We have a lot of malls and that’s pretty where everyone goes. Since it’s so hot here, people just want to cool down and especially for poorer people, free air conditioning in a mall is too hard to resist.
    That’s a problem with Manila. Even though it’s the capital, there’s nothing really to attract tourists to visit. We’re more known for Boracay than anything else.

  3. Chris de Vera says:

    Oh also, even though I’m Filipino I also have trouble spelling the Philippines a lot. It’s complicated to spell.

  4. rockchiq says:

    Hi Keith,

    I was just surfing the net, watching clips from youtube and I saw your video that you posted in I am originally from the southern part of the Philippines but I manage to work in Cebu. I have never been to boracay but they said it’s pretty crowded. You should go to bantayan island in cebu, it’s somewhat similar to boracay but it’s more solemn. It’s the perfect place to recharge and relax.

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