Hiring a Hot Girl Sucks

Alright, so I’ll be 100% honest. I got these videos lined up to teach Korean, and these videos have already been done. Just search “How to say hello in Korean” and you’ll find videos with tons of hits already. So I’ve already got some stiff competition. But I’m confident in the scripts. I think they’re funny, they’re entertaining and they’re educational. I’m good with that. I just want one more thing to put my videos over the top. A hot girl.

Sexist or not, hot girls = clicks on youtube, and that’s what I want. But some of the potential actresses that I’ve come across for this project have been some real sour apples. Case in point, I met an attractive girl last weekend and asked her if she was interested in acting. She gave me a very positive response. So the next day I text her to tell her the details, but turns out she’s backing out. She goes on about how she’s already in media and there’s a certain level of professionalism that she wants. She also busted out the words “make up artist.” Wow. For YouTube? Excuse me but who the hell are you?

Maybe I’m just looking for the wrong people. These high end trophy girls are a pain in the ass. It’s what I get for categorizing people into pretty and not-pretty enough. I get it. I deserve it. I do feel like a jerk just asking some girls and not others about it. I’m just not confident in knowing what white people (a big part of my target audience) will like.

All I’m looking for is an above-average attractive girl with minmal acting ability and ability to speak Korean that white people will like. Is that really too much to ask?

14 thoughts on “Hiring a Hot Girl Sucks

  1. Greetings 선생님Keith,
    May I offer another angle to consider? While it is true that ‘hot’ girls equal clicks on Youtube, it is equally true that most of the people who would click onto a Youtube video because of the attractiveness of the woman would most likely click right back off again as soon as they discover that it’s a language lesson. Those who are interested in learning a new language are more interested in a person’s intellect and annunciation. Don’t get me wrong, an attractive woman would indeed solicit the clicks on Youtube that you seek, but you might need another ‘hook’ to keep them there. I believe that you are on the right track by using comedy. Few things can capture a man’s long-term attention, (and desire to come back for more) than an attractive woman who is also funny. From my studies of Korean culture, a high value is placed on image. Those who seek to follow a path that leads them into acting will likely be more interested in what kind of publicity mileage they can get out of working with you and comedic language lessons probably doesn’t fit into their outline for building a career. Pretty is good. Pretty and funny together are awesome. However, those who could be classified as ‘hot’ know it, and will likely not see your project as ‘worthy’ of their time and efforts. Perhaps you could downgrade your hiring parameters from ‘hot’, to attractive and intelligent. The comedy can be learned if there is any acting ability to work with. Perhaps a lady with very pretty eyes looking over the top of an open book, as if she is looking out through the Youtube screen, would be enough of the hook to trigger the Youtube clicks you seek. If she can also speak well, and generate laughs, those who are hooked will keep coming back for more, and tell their friends. Keep sculpting 선생님. Your masterpiece is beginning to take shape.

    • Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Yea, I’m definitely not going to look for the perfect girl. There’s lots of beautiful girls around that are smart and funny. I just need to be smarter and funnier to get them to do it!

    • I do agree wth u.I get this all the time in my working environment,labels that is.but people r more intelligent these days.they can see the true gem.just dont underestimate the society these daysat the end of the day,people will for brain, not brawn or beauty only.a combo is a bonus.have fun hunting tiger @gyopokeith ^^

  2. Shannon says:

    I don’t really think that’s a sexist comment or something. I actually agree.
    For example: me and my friends like a guy who does videos and post it on youtube because (at least at the beginning that was the main reason) he’s cute. We know that’s not exactly cool but after two or three videos we started liking him because he was pretty interesting and funny.
    Anyways, people like to look at beautiful people. Not everyone, but usually hot girls get your attention, even if you’re a girl.
    About the girl, maybe she just cares too much about her appearance or something.

      • Shannon says:

        HAHAHA I know that girls would prefer to watch hot boys, but beautiful people usually take our attention. If it’s a boy we say things like “oh, he’s so gorgeous, I wanna watch this” but if it’s a girl (unless the girl is jealous) we usually say “She’s so pretty. How is she so pretty?” and we kind of stare. After writing this it sounds weird XD we sound kind of crazy.

  3. kpop_rubba says:

    you talk about WHITE PEOPLE– but I think you mean WHITE GUYS– and those white guys that like Korean women can barely tell a pretty from an ugly one– so I think as long as she’s thin and I wanted to say ” her face isn’t too mangled” but really, they can’t tell the difference.

    • Watjalukinat says:

      As a white guy who’s attraction is mostly limited to white girls and korean etc You’re wrong. All guys know the difference. Just at 2am most stop being picky. I’m kidding, I don’t drink or sleep around so that’s not my area of expertise lol. As for language videos. If I’m already inclined to watch an English->Korean video on YouTube, yeah I’d want to see an attractive lady. However, most language stuff you see is audio only anyways. Good content is good content. Just use good lookin girls as your thumbnails lol, it’s cheating but hey!..

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