Launch – Nothing’s Ever Perfect :)

As many readers of this blog will know, I am working on I was hoping to have an official launch date of April 16th. I wanted to have a stock of posts, a few videos edited, a number of things ready, tweak a few things here and there. But whatever right? Nothing’s ever going to be perfect. I’m never going to have the perfect website, and I’m always going to look to tweak and redesign everything. So I might as well keep going and try to build up my readership as I go along.

So today is my first official post, Seoul’s 10 Most Famous and Popular Galbi Restaurants. My friend already told me he tried to comment and he got an error. Good that I found out about this asap, rather than later. It would have been the same with an official launch date or not 🙂

So, help me out folks. Retweet, repost, share, like, stumble, whatever your fancy. For folks who want to visit, live in or is just generally interested in Korea:

BTW, most of the posts here are written while I’m home in my jammies, really unkempt, drinking a cup of coffee. Nothing’s ever perfect son!!! 😀

17 thoughts on “ Launch – Nothing’s Ever Perfect :)

  1. Shannon says:

    That’s a great idea. If you find readers now, when the site is closer to what you want it will already have some readers. You’ll save time. I’m going to help you out. Most of my friends like Korea so it won’t be really hard.

    Good luck with seoulistic!

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