My Korean Mom is Mad Hilarious

Here’s a typical phone conversation with my mom. There’s lots of repeating, lots of miscommunication, and lots of babying. My mom might be a little funny and crazy, but I still love her 🙂


15 thoughts on “My Korean Mom is Mad Hilarious

  1. Daniel S. Lee says:

    =) this reminds me of a song that i once played for my mom ’cause of her phonecalls.. i’ll have to share it with you once i find it on youtube

  2. Shannon says:

    You’re mother is so cute and sweet. My mother is not like that… But she’s cute and sweet in her own way (I think). Anyways, you’re mother seems to be a very nice person. You two seem to have a good relationship 😀
    Are all Korean moms like that?

  3. connie ca says:

    omg, your mom is really cute, i just saw your blog cos i want to traveling to seoul this sept, and then i can’t stop scrolling your website and seoulistic, your web is really helpful and funny.. please tell your mom i say hi from Indonesia..:D

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