My Apartment in Hongdae

Wanted to show everyone my cool apartment in Hongdae, Seoul. Hongdae, for those that don’t know, is a college town in Korea famous for its night life and sub-culture. It’s a waste that I don’t go out much, but at least I have a pretty chill apartment to live in!



11 thoughts on “My Apartment in Hongdae

  1. Shannon says:

    Your apartment is really cool! The loft is so cool, I can’t…
    Is not that small. For someone who lives alone is not small, right?
    You can buy a fridge with 20 dollars? WOW, that’s something I would never imagine.
    If that was my apartment I would spend most of time on the loft, because the playstation is there LOL

    • Actually, my playstation used to be downstairs, and my computer upstairs. I always stayed downstairs and played my playstation.

      But after I moved my playstation upstairs, I work more :) But I still play playstation, haha :)

  2. paul says:

    hey, what part of hongdae is that? which “dong?” i’m just curious because i wanna move there out of expensive gangnam…. too overpriced for me. i’m hoping it’s near the river around hapjeong or sangsu or somethin’ since i absolutely love and need the river closeby, haha!

  3. Nice place, man. i would’ve thought the rent would be higher the 600,000w. How much is the key money for a place like that? I’m moving to korea in a couple weeks, and Hongdae is high on my list of places to live.

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