My Dad is the Ultimate Korean-American

My dad is, culturally speaking, half Korean and half American. He’s a really unique guy because most Korean people his generation are totally Korean. But my dad is not. He immigrated to New York when he was a teen, so he has the unique experience of being young enough to be Korean, but also have lived in America long enough to be really American. Here’s a few fun facts about my dad:

He speaks English with a Brooklyn accent: Most Korean immigrants of his generation can only speak broken English. But my dad is fluent, and he has a Brooklyn accent on top of that. How awesome is that?
His all time favorite movie is “Animal House”: This is a 70’s movie about chugging beers in college. Most Korean folks don’t even know what that movie is. My dad lived it!
He has an American-style tummy: Korean men are usually pretty slim. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a Korean man like my dad… skinny arms and legs, but with a big ol’ tummy!
He loves big ass cars: This is the part of him that is totally American and makes me think he’s from Texas. He used to drive those big ol’ Lincoln Town Cars. Now he drives a BMW X5.

He’s still really Korean at times though. He doesn’t say ‘I love  you’ at all, and he’s not so big on hugs. But I’m totally cool with that. I feel really lucky to have a father that is both a Korean and an American. What are your fathers like?

Bonus picture! ANIMAL HOUSE!!!!!

14 thoughts on “My Dad is the Ultimate Korean-American

  1. Doug 陀愚 says:

    A great post! I think the experiences of Asian-Americans doesn’t get enough attention sometimes so it’s nice to hear stories like this.

    I knew a person back at my old temple who was Japanese-American but he had that nice balance between both cultures, spoke both languages well and could blend into either one smoothly. It’s a rare thing since people tend to unconsciously favor one over the other, but it’s pretty impressive when a person can straddle two cultures so well. 🙂

  2. Vera says:

    It would be neat to see your dad speaking with the Brooklyn accent. I have never seen any Asian-American who loves big vehicles! They all drive small Hondas or Toyotas – from what I’ve seen.

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