Funny Search Terms on gets a lot of its traffic from google searches. But some of the keywords that are turning up are pretty hilarious. Here’s a few that I saw and thought “WTF?”

korean culture 2 guys cannot go movie
(wow, so specific!)
my korean friend hand feeds me
(3 people searched this lol)
do korean friends of the same sex kiss
does eating chicken feets make you strong
is ice expensive in korea
(what kind of person needs to know this info? -_-)
emoticons sex
why dont the koren girls hug back?
(got your answer here homie!)
shitty apartment in korea
(cause that’s what you look for in an apt!)
how to get a korean body
(be Korean?)
koreans have weird teeth
(we do?)
koreans dont have a culture
Interesting to see that people all over the world are searching weird stuff about Korea. My favorite is “my korean friend hand feeds me” lol! What’s yours? 😀

5 thoughts on “Funny Search Terms on

  1. gosh.. i really regret that i didn’t find your blog yearsss sooner

    i think the interesting one is: does eating chicken feet makes you strong?
    (hmm..maybe i thought of it because i did eating chicken feet soup on lunch today)

    i laugh hard when i read your answer, like i can picture your expression when you answered : probably!

    Keith you’re really awesome, i wish i have half of your writing talent here.

    i was living in NYC also, and always see myself as “international people” (do they have that term?? :D) I believe learning other culture is the best job in the world.

    keep up the good work Keith. maybe i will write to your gmail & ask tips how to not keep my blog just for myself (well..hopefully i have a nerve to do that :p)

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