Getting Ready for War with N. Korea: Whatevs!

As many of you know, I work at the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU). And every year KNCU takes a day to address what should be done if war with North Korea was to ever break out. They have set tasks for everyone (i.e. call the police, medical assistance, etc.), emergency drills and even a briefing for cyber attacks.

Generally, everyone here in South Korea is pretty chill about anything that North Korea does. You know, when they send missiles into the sea or make threats to rain fire on the world, the western news is all up on that and people far away get scared. But people here are mostly like “Again? Oh hey! btw, did you watch Super Star K last night?!” It’s old news to everyone, and not such a big deal.

It seems like everyone in the office is like “aww, this again?” Although prepping for war is necessary, it seems to be more of a nuisance than anything.

If you like reading, I recommend North Korea: Another Country. It pretty much explains how everyone outside of Korea thinks North Korea is like an dangerous insane guy that’s swinging a knife back and forth, but everyone in South Korea thinks of them as a crazy harmless homeless man in the corner mumbling to himself. If you’ve ever been scared of North Korea, try giving it read.

I wish prepping for war with North Korea was like the video below. That would be mad fun!


9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for War with N. Korea: Whatevs!

  1. Very well-put. Every time North Korea pops up in the news, my parents get concerned and ask me how people are reacting to it over here. But no one here even mentions it. They just go about their daily lives as usual. If I didn’t see the news on a Western website or talk to friends and family in the States, I wouldn’t even know something happened.

    I have trouble putting into words why exactly that’s the case, but I like your crazy homeless man explanation. I guess after 60 years, the North doing crazy shit has just become a commonplace occurrence, and isn’t noteworthy.

  2. I think pretty much the same or share the same views because I personally think if they meant to do it, they would have done it not long ago instead of repeating this same old news over and over, although like you said, prepping for war is necessary. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the explanation! My friend and I wants to go there badly to work. ; u ; Now we’re relieved! My Korean friends also told me not to worry so I won’t! Thank you again for the article/s.

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