17 thoughts on “Why I Love Living in Hongdae

  1. Rejane says:

    unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy Hongdae as much as I wanted when I came to Seoul but I really liked it(I still had time to go to this famous white luxury noraebang :D )!!’Hope to come again one day!!!^^

  2. Hey, my girlfriend is looking to move into a place in Hongdae similar to what you have. Do you know of any trustworthy 부동산’s around the area (합정 works too).

    Also, when you went apartment hunting did you go by yourself or did you have a local accompany you? I’m Gyopo but my Korean makes me sound like a foreigner and my girlfriend isn’t Korean so… any tips? Time sensitive so, any tips would appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Osvald says:

    We’ve been staying in Hongdae for a few days now. Such a nice place to stay in! I like the bars and restaurants here!

  4. Milton says:

    Any recommendations for a bar with live music? Not a club? I was in Hongdae last weekend, but I couldn’t find anything like that. Got there around 10pm and there weren’t even any street performers. :-(

  5. Well, maybe shame on me but I didn’t know Hongdae before your video but it looks like a really nice place. For me, it’s a perfect explain let me explain why: I love music, and to sit in a cafe…read a book or to be on a computer ( like I used to do in each starbucks :P ), to be in quiet place but I’m a city girl too and to see people hang out, to hang out with my friends.

    I would like to come in Korea ( for soon ) and now I know that I can come to hongdae and I’ll like it^^ So thanks for your video!

  6. Sarah says:

    I’m looking for that grimey, subculture shit that I’ve never experienced visiting my dad in Seoul every year. I want to see what the underground music and art scene is like. He’s always just nervous about my safety because he only had me 3 months out of the year. But now that I’m 20 I want to explore more. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes and I don’t like to spend a lot of money. Clearly I’m at the wrong blog but since you have a lot of ties to the Korean American community there I was wondering if you knew of any blogs you could refer me to. They’re pretty hard to find via Google.

  7. hey i found your blog through seoulistic.com and it’s great! looking forward to more posts :) i’ve been to Seoul twice and i love the Hongdae area too. I stayed there when i visited in fall this year and i will be staying there again when i go again in Mar next year. Look forward to exploring more interesting and less known parts of Hongdae!

  8. Morgan says:

    Can I just say, (without being creepy) you are very handsome! And I really enjoyed your video :) oh! And also ill be coming to Korea in August to teach English, maybe ill run into you … not literally I hope lol:)

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