Korean Girls Are Crazy Shy with Strangers, But I Got the Ultimate Wingman

I had an idea for a seoulistic.com video: “What Korean girls think of foreigner guys.” So this past Saturday I went out to Coex to try to interview Korean girls about their thoughts on this. Here’s my initial tweet before I left:

I was planning on getting around 10-15 interviews. But after I tried close to 10 people, I realized quickly this wasn’t going to work. Even if I got 10% of people I asked to actually do the interview, that meant that I was going to have to ask at least 100 people to get my target number. And I wasn’t going to ask 100 people. Here’s the ensuing tweet:

I knew that Korean girls are ultra shy, but even more so when it comes to cameras. So I was prepared to be turned down. Whatever, right? Not like I was asking for their number or anything. It was just an interview. But man, it sucked a lot more than I thought. A lot of the Korean girls didn’t even say “no.” They just looked at me like a creep and walked away. Ouch!

But I’m not giving up. I’ve already made plans to go out again this Friday to try again. How is this time going to be any different you ask?

The Ultimate Wingman! 

I got an ultra cute and super friendly Korean female friend of mine to ask for me! That’s right: the ultimate wingman (brilliant, I know!). Even girls can’t resist the charm of cute girls. Readers of this blog know that cute girls are the solution to any problem I got! And for this one, I’ve got to fight fire with fire. I’m pretty confident this will work, and if it doesn’t, then that’s pretty much all I got. Cute girls FTW!

What Countries are Most Interested in Korea?

Just thought it would be fun to share who’s interested in Korea by taking a look at the stats from seoulistic.com.

Just a few quick random thoughts on these stats:

The US is because of Kpop?
Korea’s obvious. Seoulistic.com is mad helpful yo!
Singapore I heard Kpop and Kdramas are just mainstream, played in shopping malls and on primetime tv. Dang! True?
Malaysia? I have no idea why Korea’s popular! haha
Philippines, same as Singapore?

Curious! where are you guys from and why you’re interested in Korea/seoulistic.com?

Also, if you have any post suggestions, please let me know! I’m always looking for ideas 🙂

Clubbing in Korea… I Kindaa Miss It

I admit. I like to have a good time. And sometimes that means having a few drinks and hanging out at a club in Korea. I had a really good time last year, but this year, I’m not hanging out much and mostly focusing on my site, seoulistic.com. I kinda miss clubbing, but only a little bit. Here’s why:

Clubs in Hongdae

Club NB – Really youthful and energetic, but TOO youthful. I’m 28 (30 Korean age). I can’t hang with them no more.
Tin Pan 2 – Used to go here for a little bit of an older crowd. But I passed by recently, and I’m too old for them too!

Clubs in Gangnam

Club 88 – Things get really crazy, so it’s fun. But I’m not hardcore enough to party like that all the time.
Octogon – Only went here once and would love to go back. But I just can’t afford any type of clubbing at the moment.

I admit, I do miss going out and just having a good time at a club. But I’m broker now, older now and more focused now 🙂 Nearly an adult! Once I start doing my dishes more consistently, I’ll be a full-fledged functioning member of society 😉

Korean-American Subculture in Korea

There are tons of Korean-Americans (aka gyopos) in Korea. Tons. And I’m one of them.

The thing is everyone seems to know each other. If you meet someone new, you’re bound to know a mutual friend. I kind of hated the fact that my world was so small, but it’s ok now. I realized it’s just a part of my life and part of who I am 🙂

Enjoy the video!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPAsNPr286Q&w=640&h=360]

I Don’t Trust Korean Girls, and Here’s Why

Surprisingly, given all the time I’ve spent in Korea, I didn’t really date Korean girls until last year. But from my short experience dating Korean women so far, I don’t think I want to get serious with one. The reason is this: a lot of them had boyfriends. They weren’t even the club rats or crazy alcoholics. They’re sweet and nice little girls that listen to their parents, go to school or work, and have activities like yoga. You know, healthy, functioning adults. Except the fact that they had boyfriends.


Example 1 – Went out on few dates and things didn’t work out. No biggie. But my buddy found out later that she had a boyfriend of 3 years. Err….
Example 2 – She told me she had a boyfriend and then proceeded to hit on me hardcore. She was trying to get me to ask her out to dinner, but I refused to bite on that one.
Example 3 – Nothing inappropriate happened, but something’s up if I’m hanging out with her more often than her boyfriend.
Example 4 – Actually dated a girl that had a boyfriend of about 5 years. Inappropriate stuff happened.

It’s alright, mistakes happen. I’ve been there too. So I’m not trying to be all high and mighty here (shoot, example 4 was my bad too, yo!). I’m just saying, this is my experience. Of course there are good Korean girls out there. Really good girls. And I know my experience is probably just an anomaly. But it’s still my experience!

K-girls, I actually think you’re great. You’re beautiful, smart, caring and sweet. It’s just that I don’t trust you, dammit!

Gyopokeith.com and Seoulistic.com Statistics

Everyone likes statistics. Me too. Somedays I just find myself not even really working and just kind of staring at my site stats. So I’m sharing it with all you lucky people that end up at this post. And of couse I’ll give you my semi-informed analysis (a total guess!).

Gyopokeith.com Stats

I’ve only done two videos, but they really brought some traffic to this site. Also of note, the blog posts other than videos that have gotten the most traffic are the ones about my dating exploits. Guess I gotta post more about dating in Korea! But that means I have to actually go on some more dates 😉

Seoulistic.com Stats

TalktomeinKorean.com has helped a lot. And 6,000 unique visitors in a month and a half isn’t bad at all! Just gotta keep doing it. That’s all 🙂

Help from TalktomeinKorean.com and Seouleats.com

The internet is a great place to collaborate, and I’m lucky enough to have found two great opportunities for collaboration.


For those that don’t know, talktomeinkorean.com is the premiere source to learn Korean. Nearly all of their content is free, and they’re run by fantastic people who have a passion for what they do. The head honcho is Hyunwoo Sun, a friend and former colleague of mine. I approached him earlier this year and asked if we could collaborate on something. You know, free work from me while I try to build my web presence and an audience for seoulistic.com. Now I have the opportunity to work with him and Kyeongeun Choi on TalktomeinEnglish.com. He and the crew have been super awesome by sharing my links, and a large chunk of my traffic is coming from Hyunwoo and company’s facebook shares. I am always so thankful to them :). More than anything, what’s really been helpful is the advice I’ve been getting in terms of video work. I’m still learning as I go, but since I have youtube samurais to work with, it’s been extremely helpful for me and my site.


The go-to restaurant review blog in Seoul. It’s been featured in magazines, TV shows, and all that other good stuff. Basically, it’s famous son. I saw that Daniel Gray (Mr. Seouleats) had guest contributors on seouleats.com, so I e-mailed. Eventually we got to meet, and now we’re collaborating together on some digital content. It’d be awesome for me to get a chance to work on some digital content with him before I get started on my own digital content. It’s basically practice. Before you know it, I’ll be pumping out digital goods faster than you can close your wallets!

Thanks again to talktomeinkorean.com and seouleats.com. Let me buy you some Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream, yo!