Script Excerpt for Future Video

I haven’t enjoyed working in a long time. Of course there are good days where I have fun moments, but I haven’t actually enjoyed work in a while. The last time I did enjoy work was when I first starting working for KoreanClass101 (not so much later). The reason I enjoyed it is because I was given creative freedom, and I was learning on the job. Much more enjoyable than teaching the nuances between “the” and “a” (which is really hard btw!).

So working on (my new website – not yet up) is an experience that I am enjoying, especially that part about being creative again. I am currently working on scripts for some videos to teach basic Korean. And I find myself giggling at home alone 2AM in the morning, and I think it would only be fair to share my delight 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from a video script teaching “How to Say ‘Thank You’ in Korean.” You can go the really boring route and just say it in the video, maybe repeat it a few times and have a basic review. It accomplishes what the video is aiming for, but the stickiness and social networking share value is virtually nil. That’s why I like to add a bit of comedy to my work.

[Scene 3] – 감사합니다 (Thank you)
Guy on toilet. Fart sounds. Guy struggles to pop one out.
Looks for toilet paper and sees only one sheet. Knocks on next stall.
Guy: 저기요~ 좀 도와주세요. (Excuse me, a little help please)
– Roll of toilet paper is tossed over the stall.
Guy: 감사합니다… (Thank you)
Simple enough and it teaches the word in a fairly humorous situation. But I wanted to add a repeat scene so the educational value sticks for the viewer.
[Scene 4] – 감사합니다 (Thank you)

Guy on toilet. Fart sounds. Guy struggles to pop one out.
Looks for toilet paper and sees only one sheet. Knocks on next stall.
Guy: 저기요~ 좀 도와주세요. (Excuse me, a little help please)
Dirty sock is thrown over.
Guy: (confused look) 감사합니다…? (Thank you?)
And there it is folks. My contribution to the Korean-learning community. I couldn’t stop laughing at this, and hopefully the world thinks it’s funny too. But even if they don’t, I’m still going to enjoy it 🙂

Keith is Back

I’m backkkkkkk! Over the summer I decided to take a mental vacation, and that’s exactly what I did. The last 6 months or so was pretty much filled with a gyopo bachelor experience in Korea. Lots of clubbing, lots of drinking, videos games at home (MW3 FTW!) and of course my sad attempts at dating. But it’s all out of my system now. It took long enough, but I’m over my break up, and ready to kill it on the web. So check out what’s in store from the former king of Korean podcasts (so easy to say because it was just me and my crew!).

New Website –

Wait… did i mention this before? like last year or something? Forget what I said ok? Just trust me this time!

I’ve lived in Korea for a total of nearly 4 years. And during that time, I’ve of course accumulated a lot of knowledge of how to get by in Korea. And although this knowledge comes to me easily, it might not be so obvious to the new comers or even the visitors to Korea. Here are few posts that I’ve already prepared for this upcoming site:

  • Where to go to see all the Kpop Idols in Korea
  • Where to go to get the Best Exchange Rates
  • Must Have Smartphone Apps for Korea
  • 4 Things to Get on the Cheap in Korea
  • The Most Famous Restaurants in MyeongDong
  • Accommodations for less than $50 a night

Bottom line is, I think people can use some help adjusting to Korea, or coming for a visit to Korea.

The site is not up yet as I am preparing content and getting a few developers and designers to help me out. I am aiming for a March launch. Hope ya’ll support it!

This Blog

For this blog (, I hope to share some personal anecdotes that revolve around my life as a a Korean-American bachelor & struggling entrepreneur,  living in Korea. I hope my tales of woe will inspire you all to be just like me! And I do plan on updating this much more often.

Don’t forget to holler atcha boi, down in the comments section!